Just Do It!

Have you had moments where you know you need to do something, but you Just Do It!procrastinated?

Have you had moments where you are about do something, but your mind keeps coming up with excuses, reasons, or excuses not to do it?

If you do, that have happened to me too! In fact, they happen to me all the time!

Often I would tell myself: “Relax, I still have time.” But before you know it, the deadline is just around the corner!

If its my own commitments, I would tell myself: “Hey, no one would know right?”

I would then procrastinate on exercising, studying, and even updating my blog!

The truth is: There is someone who knows. That someone is: Ourselves.

Often when after I procrastinate, the sense of guilt will creep into my heart, and I will feel bad about it. Does that happens to you too?


Recently, I started observing what I procrastinate on. Then I realize that they are things which I am most uncomfortable about doing, things which I term as “troublesome”. It can be replying an difficult email, or doing something which requires me to learn something new, or simply something which I am fearful of.

Yes, I procrastinate on doing things which makes feel uncomfortable, as what I shared in the article “Fear Sense”, when we feel uncomfortable, its probably something worth doing.as it expands our comfort zone.

About a month ago, I started having a daily “Just Do It” item. This item is something which I am uncomfortable in doing. It might be to reply to an difficult email, or even to say “No” to a request which I don’t want to do.

At first, it felt like a task because I had set a KPI for myself, I had to force myself to do it. But before long, this what I observed, it became quite natural for me to deal with matters which earlier on made me uncomfortable. My comfort zone had expanded!

Today, my “Just Do It” item, is to do spring cleaning of my room, its painful as I haven’t done that for ages. I found old letters and documents dated years ago which are no longer needed! I started the spring cleaning at 3.30 pm and I only finished at 8.30 pm. At the end of which, I felt exhausted, spent and yet at the same time satisfied. Piles of documents are now, cleared from my desk and cabinets!

Do you have a list of items which you have long procrastinated on, or felt uncomfortable about doing? Be it learning something new, calling someone whom you haven’t done so in ages, or simply saying “No” to things which you don’t want to do. If you do, why don’t you do one each day?

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do one thing that scares you everyday.” When we “Just Do It”, we stretch like a rubber band. Like a rubber band that has been stretched, once the tension been released, the rubber band is no longer the same as it once was, it grows bigger. Likewise we are no longer the same. we have expanded our comfort zone!

What is your “Just Do It” item for the day?


Your fellow human being:)

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