It’s My Life!

Its been a long time since I last wrote, my friends asked is the blog down?

I told myself the blog was getting nowhere, I had no inspiration, this StockSnap_FKX9UUUWQEblog just takes up too much time.

Truth was the blog was getting nowhere because I allowed it to be,

truth was I had plenty of inspiration, I just didn’t pen it down,

truth was  I loved writing, time flies when I write, all it takes it is 15 min a day.

In case you are wondering, the purpose of this blog was not to beat myself up.  It was a case of seeing myself in the eye, calling the bulls**t that I spin in my head.

While I haven’t updating the blog, I have always been thinking of the direction this blog is going to take.

I could continue to write about fear. But its pretty restrictive, and I  revisited the purpose why I started this blog to begin with. The idea to reconcile with my fears so that I could live my life the way that I want to. I decided to rebrand the blog, it will be about living!

I will share little snippets about my life, the projects that I am embarking basically about my adventure. I hope that by living my life’s project, I will inspire you to live the life that way that you want to.

Your life’s fellow journeyman,









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