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Everything Begins With Awareness

I ran last Saturday. Everything begins with awareness

I was present to the surrounding, the butterflies flying, the breeze whispering.

Slowly I became aware of my feelings, my emotions and my thoughts.

My mind was brought back to a conversation I had with my friend Shirley, I was sharing with her how I will share on facebook, positive messages that appealed to me. Positive messages which I receive from fan pages such as “The Idealist” and “The Peaceful Warrior”. She said: ‘Shaun, I am bored of what I am doing. Do you have a message for me?” I looked at the posts which I had shared, and I realized that there were none related to boredom.

As my mind returned to the run, I came to realize that the messages I shared were of the following themes: “Being myself and not bothered by other people’s opinions about me”  as well as that of “Overcoming Challenges”

At that moment, I realized that I am affected by 2 issues: One is my fear of other people’s opinion about me. The second is that I feel that I need to go through a lot of challenges in order to progress in life

On people’s opinion about me: I found out that that I am always concerned about the people who have negative opinions of me and even people who have not given me any opinions!. (I wonder if they have bad things to say about me!!!). At that point of realization I started laughing at myself, at the same time I starting seeing the other side of the coin. I recalled the praises that my colleagues gave to me, my vendors gave to me and my friends gave to me. I came to the realization that I had focused so much on the people with negative opinions about me that I forgot about all those who had said great things about me.

Have you had moments where you noticed that little pimple on the face, and that became the only thing you could focus on?

While focusing on the pimple, did you forget about the rest of the unblemished face?

That was exactly how I felt!

On seeing the other side of coin, the rest of unblemished skin, I learnt to be grateful and thankful of the people who have showered me with praises, at the same time I learnt to celebrate myself. After all, I don’t need anyone’s approval except for my own!

I declared to the universe: “I am good enough because I am simply good!”

The second issue: I always feel that I have to be grilled and trialed before I can enjoy the sweetness that is to come. To me every new project, every new journey is like a odyssey, filled with trials and obstacles. Somehow this feeling and thought have subconsciously caused me to walk the toughest path, the path that is the hardest and full of resistance.

Once again, I had a laugh when I made that realization. I have inadvertently turned myself into a soap opera protagonist, with the need to got through all forms of obstacles before I can taste sweet success. However going through such a path every time can be very tiring and painful, its no wonder that I hate embarking on new projects! Its not because I fear hard work, but because I equate new projects with pain, and lots of difficulties!

I declared to the universe: “I take the middle path, the path of moderation.”

My friends, subconsciously we have programed ourselves to think and act in a certain manner, sometimes its productive, sometimes its counterproductive and even destructive. For the latter, its important to be aware of the program that we install in ourselves, as its blocking our progress in life. To gain awareness one can go for coaching, talk to friends who “get you”, or go into meditation, or even run. Awareness is only the first step. Once that is done, make daily declarations, and observe your behaviors, making conscious efforts to spot your fall back to old pattern or behaviors.

This is not easy, and its likely you will need a strong support system. For me, I have a group of great friends, my girlfriend, and my “Living in Passion” accountability group.

Seems like a lot of effort, right?

Do you want avoid the pitfalls of counterproductive and destructive behaviors, or

Do you want to understand the cause of your fears, or

Do you want to live a life that is free of emotional baggage?

If the answer to any of the questions is “Yes”, I think its worth the effort.

But no matter what happens, everything begins with awareness, and I invite you to make the following declaration with me: “I am open to receiving wisdom and knowledge that are and will be awakened within me!”


Your fellow human being:)

(P.S as I was running a while ago, I realized that all things happens for a reason, even my taking of the path of hardship. I realized that through taking the path of hardship, I learnt the lesson of gratefulness and thankfulness, and never taking things for granted. I am now truly ready to take the middle path, the path of moderation.)